Optik Arcade has been manufacturing optical eyewear in Corvara since 1991. From the very beginning, our ambition and goal has been the perfect combination of optimal vision, technological innovation and timeless design. For refraction (lens determination), we use the most modern computers and the most advanced measuring technology. By consistently using innovative materials and technologies of lenses and frames, from the very best manufacturers, each pair of glasses is meticulously handcrafted in our laboratory and subjected to strict quality controls. Our wide range of optical lenses from Zeiss Vision and Rodenstock enables us to make any pair of vision glasses within a few hours. The numerous customers from home and abroad who have remained loyal to us over the years show that our company philosophy is understood and appreciated.

Accordingly, these are the focal points of our company philosophy:

Highest quality
Perfect workmanship
Perfect fit of the glasses
Attractive and modern design
Best materials